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I love...   
05:05pm 24/07/2005
mood: thankful

Dad - I love how you are always caring about me...You go out of your way to make me happy...Even though we have our moments of arguing I'm so lucky to have you as my father...

Mom - You're my best friend...I tell you everything...You're always there if I need someone to talk to...You take care of everyone and we don't give you enough credit for everything you do.

Corey - I love how we are growing closer and closer as we are getting older...I love that you're at the age where you feel as if you have to take up for me..It's cute..hehe.

Mackenzie - What can I say?? You're the best pup in the whole world..


Kody - You're my best friend...I love that we can sit in complete silence and just enjoy eachother's company...Whenever I am down you try everything you can to make me cheer up...You know what I'm thinking before anything comes out of my mouth...I love how we finish eachother's sentences and then look at eachother with that "WHAT THE HECK?!?" look..hehe...You mean more to me then you will ever know.


Whitney - You're a wonderful person to talk to if I need someone to listen...Thanks for being there...You make a pretty swell roommate.

Christina - I miss hanging out with you the most...I couldn't believe how much fun we used to have when we were hanging out the other day at the hockey game...You were always my best friend throughout middle school and freshmen year...I wish we were closer.

Amy - My darling...lol...What can I say we've been through so much at work...I miss closing with you and talking about what's going on in our lives...

Chang - I'm so glad you started working for the bank...I think it's funny that when you first started we both thought that we didn't like eachother...hehe..."HOT BACON!!" Haba da day!!!

Dane - You prob. thought I had forgotten about ya...We've been through a lot...I could always talk to you about anything and ask you anything (even if it was dumb.. "Do they store water in water towers??") haha..We've had a lot of laughs

Hillary - I know we've drifted apart..which sucks..majorly...But you will always be my best friend in Christ ><>

I was just thinking about the friends that I have that are the closest to me and wanted to say thank you for being there.
I love life...   
12:26pm 25/02/2005
mood: cheerful
My life has been going so wonderful...Well except for yesterday at work but that's besides the point..hehe...

Whitney and I are having a blast living together..I don't think I would ever pick another roommate...YAY!!!

Last night Kody Whitney and I went to Taco Bell and when we got back Kody parked next to this Honda and as soon as we went upstairs the alarm started going off..And we looked at eachother puzzled like did Kody's truck set it off..Is his truck in that Honda's personal space...But it would go off for about 5min. and then it would turn off for about 1min. and then it'd go off again..over and over and over...And this isn't the normal alarm it's the abnoxious cover your ears alarm that honks...So Whitney's sitting on the couch and I look out the balcony window and I see this guy walk but all flustered so the three of us run out to the balcony and watch....

The guy punches the hood of the car and sets it off again...And then he goes across the apartment complex up the stairs and this guy (our neighbor below us that likes to watch Whitney and I move furniture up to our apartment) comes out and is talking to this lady that has now entered the scene...The other guy comes back and the neighbor looks at him and says "Why you hit de car??" and the guy says "Is that your car??" and he says "It's my rummate's car...He not here..." "Do you have the keys??" "De keys in de car...Why you hit de car??" and the guy turns to walk away and says "Make sure that alarm stops by 10:30 so I can get some sleep..Come on honey (to the lady)." and he walks away...The other guy still standing there puzzled why he hit the car..hehe..I couldn't help but giggle..

Anyhew, I got a 94 on my Government test which I barely even studied for..YAY!!! The whole thing was essay and not a single bit of it was multiple choice..SO..I am very pleased..hehe..:-)

Whitney and I rode together to school today and my Government class was finished extremely early (she handed our tests back and said have a nice weeked)..So here I sit in the library waiting for Whitney to get out of class so I can go home and EAT!!! hehe...

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend!!! I know I am/will because it's girls night this Saturday at Sarah and Meredith's place so it should be fun... :-)
These thoughts in my head...   
09:47pm 11/01/2005
mood: contemplative
Well life is going...I am really happy except there is just one thing that is holding me back from being at my highest peak of happiness...Don't get my wrong I love the fact that I'm with Kody but the thought that I'm losing Dane as my best friend is tearing me up inside. Knowing that he isn't/doesn't want to be here for me like he used to, that I don't have my best friend's shoulder to cry on like before, I can't call to say hello without the cold shoulder feeling, or having my best friend to tell my secrets or fears with and it is tearing me into a thousand pieces inside...

Don't get me wrong Dane isn't the cause for the way things are now. I screwed up and now I'm having to pay for my actions but I didn't ever think things would be the way they are in a million years. I wish I could go back and have my phone with me when he called or even had better judgment to this situation but I can't.

I want him to understand how sorry I am and how I need him as my best friend. How I don't want to lose him. I need him in my life and I don't want things to end like this. They aren't supposed to end like this.

And you know what sucks the most??...Just when I think that things might possibly be back to normal and I get a slap in the face that they aren't and probably never will be again...I hate that all I want is a friendship and I'm having to work so hard for it to work..Yes I know that I'm the reason things are the way they are right now but it really sucks..I feel like I've lost my best friend forever...I wish I could elaborate more on how I feel about this but I'm at a loss for words...Maybe I should just stop trying altogether (yes that has crossed my mind) but then again I know that I could never do that no matter how hard I tried...I wish you would listen to what I had to say without interrupting me...I strongly believe that if a friendship is supposed to work then both people have to contribute for that to happen (yes I have slacked off in that department but you pointed out the mistake to me and I appoligized and I'm trying to fix it but I feel like you don't care anymore)...Is this how we are supposed to end things??Are we supposed to just walk away and never look back...Be cold to one another when the other person calls...Or perhaps stop calling altogether...I honestly don't want that and I doubt you do too...I'm trying to fix my mistake please don't make this harder than it already is...But then again my opinion doesn't really matter at this point does it??

For once in my life I actually feel helpless...I feel like the air is slowly being sucked out of me.

I know what I have to say really doesn't matter at all at this point but these are just the thoughts that I'm having in my head and I need to write them down in hopes that you will read this and maybe understand what I'm feeling inside (I know that the pain I've caused you doesn't measure up to the pain that I'm feeling inside but the most I can do right now is apologize and hope that you forgive me and give me a second chance. I want to show you that I am going to be here because I do need you in my life).

Dane, I'm sorry.
03:53pm 25/12/2004
  Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas so far!!! :-) I woke up extremely early to the sound of my mom's high pitched voice saying "GET UP SANTA CAME!!!" and to my surprise I found a little DVD player under the tree for me!!! OH JOY OH BLISS!!! hehe...My brother on the other hand recieved surround sound for his room and it's driving me up the wall because he's playing his video games and I feel like I'm at a football game and I'm in my room...I can't take this much longer..haha..

Well everyone I must go back and visit with my family...Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!!!
12:24am 24/12/2004
mood: cold
Well I realized that I haven't updated in quite a while...opps sorry...

I just really wanted to say I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years...:-) It's weird to think that 2004 is already over with it seems like just the other day 2004 began...but I guess not..haha

Well everyone I'm out...
Have a wonderful evening everyone...
07:24pm 16/11/2004
mood: cheerful
So here I am typing on my computer and I smell something burning...So I start freaking out because I thought my computer was about to catch on fire...I start smelling my computer and I get down on my hands and knees and crawl under my desk and smell the wires and of course I don't find anything so I yell..."SOMETHING IS ON FIRE" and my brother yells "I'M BURNING PAPER!!!" I felt so dumb..haha...

Like I've said before I've been neglecting my LJ but I can't help it other people are actually reading my xanga which makes it more interesting to write in..I wasn't going to give out the site to anyone (if you find it good if not tough luck) but I'm just gonna tell ya.. http://www.xanga.com/softheartedgal imagine that it's the same as this one...hehe...

Goodnight everyone...Especially you ;)
Tired...Tired...and more Tired   
12:28pm 29/10/2004
mood: exhausted
Well if you can't tell by the subject..I'm tired...

I have been staying out way to much...My body can't take this exhaustion anymore...

I was so embarrased this morning in Literature because the professor was talking to us and I fell asleep sitting straight up and when my head did the little head bob I woke up in a panic...I felt so bad because nobody ever comes to that class...We are supposed to have like 27 people in there but only 9 of us showed up today and I fall asleep...Maybe I'll catch some z's tonight...just maybe..

Dane is going to Louisiana this weekend so I won't get to talk to him at night. :( (I know he will be crushed)

Halloween is this weekend and I want to go do something but I don't know what...Haunted houses are too scary for this little lady and so exspensive...If anyone has a suggestion feel free to let me know...

Well my Reading class (oh joy oh bliss) starts in 10min. so you know what that means...I'm out of here...have a nice day everyone.

Lots O' Love -
12:17pm 27/10/2004
mood: exhausted
So lately I've been staying either out or up way too late...And I must say it's catching up to me.. :( Today in Philosophy we had to watch a movie and as soon as the professor turned out the lights I was like "NAP TIME...NO I MUST KEEP MY EYES OPEN" ... That was the worst 30min. of my life.

Today is going to be great because I am going to go to the orthodontist (and they are going to be so proud of how well I've been wearing my retainers)...then I'm off to Troy's...yay!!!

Right now I am in the library at TCC typing this thing trying to keep myself from falling asleep but I don't know if I can make it.

Tonight is going to be another night of out late and then wake up early...The vicious cycle repeats... :(

Oh!!! Here's some news...I had a speech due in speech class (go figure) on Tuesday and when we got in there I was like I hope I don't draw number 1 because I refuse to go first...Sure enough...I reach my little hand in the hat and pull out..that's right...NUMBER ONE!!! I was like "WHY!!!!????" and the professor said that after everyone picks their number then we can trade with someone so I traded with this girl who had number 10...So I was stoked because it's in the middle..good spot right? Well we finish with the 9th person and the professor said "That's all the time we have today for the speeches we will have to pick up where we left off on Thursday." And so what do ya know.."I HAVE TO GO FIRST ON THURSDAY!!!!" WHY?!?!?! I guess it was just meant to be... boo...

Bye -

P.S. Sorry if I've been neglecting my livejournal I recently invested in a xanga so I've been updating there...
10:33pm 21/10/2004
mood: excited
Today was absolutely fantastic...

I went to Biology Lecture and we got our tests back and I got a 95!!! Oh I am so excited because I stressed out over my Biology Lab test that I fell asleep studying before I could study for the Lecture test and so I got about 45min. in at the most studying for that test and I made a 95!!! Oh I wanted to run up to the professor and give her a big kiss..but then I thought to myself maybe I should just keep that in..haha...But I am so proud of myself because I haven't gotten lower than an 86 on any of my tests this semester..YAY ME!! I'M FINALLY SMART!!

After class I went to Barne's and Noble (I know you are thinking..when aren't you at Barne's and Noble) but I bought the No Doubt CD and I must say it's pretty good...

Went to work..work was work...hehe

Called Christopher Sieg and found out what the name of a certain cd was..and I went to Wal-Mart and bought it..I LOVE IT!!!

Now I'm supposed to be writing my Philosophy paper but am I? No..why? because I'm talking to Christopher..:)

Today I textmessaged Jeff to tell him what I made on my test and he informed me that he has food poisoning...Poor little thing...:( I hope he feels better soon.. :)

Well I'm off of here to try and start on my paper...But i'll prob. end up talking on here some more..haha...

Night everyone

Lots O' Love -

P.S. You know what is strange? I have an xanga and nobody really knows about it and I got the most comments on that little puppy than I have on here and A TON OF PEOPLE know about it...Eventhough a lot of the textmessages where "MADISON I'M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!" It was good to know that I am loved..:)
What to do...   
07:30pm 19/10/2004
mood: calm
Today I went to school and stressed my butt off over these stupid Biology tests. I had a Lab Practical and a test in Lecture and I stressed out so much last night about the Bio. tests that I forgot I had a quiz in Speech and so I prob. bombed that thing..boo...

After school I went to Chick-fil-a (mmmm...) it's where I go almost everyday for lunch (if not Wendy's)...Anyhew, the manager there has been flirting with me everytime I come in..For instance, a week ago I asked for some honey (for my fries) and he goes "No" and I said "Please" and smiled and he said "With a smile like that how can I say no" and he gave them to me..Then yesterday when I was in there I was sitting in my usual spot (in the corner at the back) and he was cleaning a table infront of me and said "Smile..you look so sad..how come you are so quiet?" and I told him "I'm not with anyone so why would I talk?" and he just kinda walked away and then came back and asked me if I went to school around here and I told him and he said "ME TOO!!" I was like oh ok...Anyhew, today I went in there and when I ordered he said "Do you want honey?" and then he kept starring at me while I was eating and I was like oh boy..haha...Then when I was leaving this lady that works there came up to me and said "Ma'am" "Ma'am" ..."Here, I am supposed to give this to you...He wants to get to know you" and I looked behind the counter and there he is starring at me...I looked at the lady and said "umm...thanks..*nervous laugh*...*turn and walked away*"...I get out to my car and opened up the napkin and it says "Jon (Chick-fil-a) ______ <----phone number" I was like...hmm...haha...so now I am going to be nervous to go into Chick-fil-a...
07:06pm 15/10/2004
mood: giggly
Ok...I stole this again from Hillary...I don't know why but these little things are addicting and I like doing them...Ok enjoy. ;)

Your Life_______
[x] they call me: Madison Jo McDonald..."Madi"
[x] sex: female
[x] my first breath of air: May 6, 1985
[x] status: dating
[x] best friends: Dane, Hillary, and Amy

[x] most memorable memory: Band freshmen year...enough said...that whole year rocked
[x] Best?: huh?
[x] worst?: what?
[x] first best friend ever!?: Valerie Emmett...oh I miss Valerie...:) She's a nice gal..I wonder what she's doing now...

[x] love is: the best feeling in the world
[x] first love: Dane Robberson
[x] love or lust?: love
[x] is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person at the same time: IN love..umm..I don't think so..but you can love more than one person (friend wise and family wise)
[x] true or false: all you need is love? true to an extent
[x] is there such thing as love at first sight?: No..prob. infatuation but not love
[x] are you in love right now?: I still love that loser
[x] how many times have you been in love?: Once

_______Attractive Sex_______
[x] turn ons: Eyes, Smile, and Personality
[x] do your parent's opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: yes...sometimes
[x] what kind of hair style?: Either way is fine with me..just as long as it's not longer than mine. ;)
[x] the sweetest thing a member of the attractive sex can do for you?: hmmm...that's a though one...i've had really sweet things done for me before...but something that i've always wanted to do was go on a horse ride (where the horse pulls the buggie) in the winter and snuggle...that would be really really sweet. :)
[x] where do you go to meet new people?: hmm..I don't have a particular spot..but I usually meet new people at school... :)
[x] are you the type of person to HOLLER and ask for numbers?: HECK NO!!! I don't even like calling people to go and do something..I get to nervous...if they want to give it to me then I'll take it otherwise no..haha..I know I'm a loser...

_______Picky Picky_______
[x] dog or cat: MACKENZIE...she's the best little dog in town
[x] short or long hair: dogs..short...guys...either
[x] sunshine or rain: sunshine is good but rain is nice to listen to while you sleep
[x] moon or sun: both...:)
[x] 1 best friend or 10 acquaintances: One best friend
[x] summer or winter: right now...Winter (snuggling season)...but I'm sure once winter is here for a while I'll wish it was summer (swimming season)
[x] written letters or e-mails: Written Letters...:)
[x] play station or nintendo: Nintendo...it has Super Mario Bros.
[x] car or motorcycle: CAR...motorcycles are too dangerous for this girl
[x] house party or club: seeing as I've never been to a club (I'd like to sometime) I would have to say house party
[x] sing or dance: DANCE!!!

[x] how are you today?: Exhausted, giggly, crampy, headachey (need a coke right now)...
[x] what pants are you wearing right now?: My fav. blue jeans..:)
[x] what does your hair look like at the moment?: umm...kinda messed up because I drove home with the windows down
[x] what song are u listening to right now?: Yellowcard
[x] how is the weather right now?: PERFECT...nice and cool..I wish it was a little colder though
[x] last person you talked to on the phone?: MY MOM!!!
[x] last dream you can remember?: I was getting married...don't ask
[x] who are you talking to right now?: THE ONE AND ONLY...AMY!!!!
[x] what time is it? 7:38pm

_______More About YOU!_______
[x] if u were a crayon, what color would you be?: pink
[x] have you ever almost died?: yes..when I was 4..i got in a really bad car wreck with my mom and almost flew out the back window
[x] have you ever won any special award?: umm...band awards but that's it...nothing really spectacular
[x] what's the stupidest thing u have ever done?: Everything I do is stupid...prob. the watertower question I asked Dane..
[x] how many kids do you want to have?: 2
[x] son's name?: I like the name Christian Blake...but I don't know
[x] daughter's name?: Dakota or Echo are both really really pretty names (in my opinion)
[x] shampoo?: Herbal Essence...it's the best
[x] what are you most scared of?: needles
[x] how many TV's do you have in your house?: 6..kitchen, living room, brothers room, my room, parents room, and garage
[x] do you have your own TV?: YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT
[x] have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone?: I've broken my toe (by running into a door)..sprained my ankles tons of times
[x] who do you dream about?: lots of people
[x] who do you tell your dreams to?: Dane or Amy
[x] is cheerleading a sport?: Yes it is
[x] how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: 79 <---i don't know that's the first thing that popped into my little brain

_______You And Love_______
[x] do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?: no i don't. :(
[x] where would you like to go on your honeymoon?: HAWAII..I'm going there no matter what..I'll go there by myself on my honeymoon if I have to
[x] what do you like most of the opposite sex?: The way they make you feel safe when they wrap their arms around you
[x] do you find yourself attractive?: I think I'm pretty...but my opinion doesn't count...
[x] do others find you attractive?:
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Thinking about things...   
10:50pm 11/10/2004
mood: contemplative
"Slipped Away" -Avril Lavigne

Na na, na na na, na na
I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

Na na la la la na na

I didn't get around to kiss you
Goodbye on the hand
I wish that I could see you again
I know that I can't

I hope you can hear me cause I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

I had my wake up
Won't you wake up
I keep asking why
And I can't take it
It wasn't fake
It happened, you passed by

Now your gone, now your gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back
Now your gone, now your gone
There you go, there you go,
Somewhere your not coming back

The day you slipped away
Was the day i found it won't be the same noo..
The day you slipped away
Was the day that i found it won't be the same oooh...

Nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah
I miss you
05:10pm 11/10/2004
mood: content
Well today was by far a pretty great day...I got my test back in Literature and I got a 92!!! and then (this tops it all) I went to Philosophy and got my test back and I got an 101 !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so proud of myself...So far this semester I haven't gotten lower than a "B" on any of my tests in any class...This is fantastic. :) Then after school I went to the mall (all alone...because Jeff had to study and go to work)...I didn't stay for long but I walked around. Anyhew, I was reading Hill's journal and so this next little bit I stole from her... :) What can I say I'm a thief....

01 | needles...they make me dizzy and sick to my stomach
02 | talking infront of people (i wanna break out in hives)...confrontation
03 | afraid of being alone

01 | Jesus
02 | my family/friends/mackenzie
03 | movies/music

01 | ignorant customers at work (the one's that think they are right)
02 | confrontations
03 | cornbread and oatmeal (not together ...but you know what i mean)

01 | why some people are the way they are
02 | life...sometimes
03 | geometry <---i agree with hill...that is the most confusing subject ever

01 | get my belly button pierced
02 | get married/have a family/live in a two story home
03 | go to hawaii

01 | play french horn
02 | type/count money really fast
03 | get an 101 on a Philosophy test!!! :) Still so proud of myself

01 | play guitar
02 | backhand spring/back flip
03 | the site of blood..it makes me weak at the knees

01 | The Used
02 | Shawn Groves
03 | Jesus

01 | someone putting you down/telling you you're worthless
02 | johnny cash ... if my dad plays his stupid music one more time i will scream
03 | country music

01 | the nerve
02 | ooo i like it!!!
03 | what? huh? oh i heard you the first time.

01 | oysters
02 | tat-or-tot casserole
03 | shrimp

01 | to play the guitar
02 | to play the piano
03 | how guys think
12:42am 10/10/2004
mood: good
Well I finally got a Saturday off and what did I do...I SLEPT IN THAT'S WHAT I DID!!! Oh it felt so nice. :)

Man...yesterday at school the most embarrasing thing happened to me...I was in Literature and we are doing a unit on Poetry and the pro. was reading some to us and then she decided that we were going to have to read out loud to the class...(just so everyone knows I HATE TALKING INFRONT OF PEOPLE WHEN I'M FORCED TO..) well of course I was the first person she called on and I was like "WHAT?!?" and my brain just stopped working with me altogether. I had my book at an angle and my notebook paper infront of me so I could take notes and when she called on me I wasn't thinking to move the book infront of me so I just leaned over the table with my head almost touching the pages (because I really need to wear my glasses) and I started sweating because I was so nervous but I started reading...Well like I said my brain wasn't working with me and instead of saying "Youth" I said "Yawth" and the professor was like "Madison, that's youth" I was like oh crap but I just laughed at myself (because I was embarrassed) and kept going...and I also said gail instead of gall..After that the professor didn't call on anyone else to read..I was like WHY ME??? WHY??!!!

But now that I look at it I can't stop laughing at myself. NEVER AGAIN!!! haha

Yesterday Amy told me that she was asking Jeff why me and him don't hang out as much (and I knew it's because he works all the time but I didn't realize how much he works) he said that he works 55hours a week at Rockfish, 15 hours a week for Mr. Valentine (customer at work), he's taking 18 hours of classes and on top of all of the he plays Hockey..I was like my goodness that's a lot. haha...I would be exhausted.

Well I'm off of here to try and find something to get myself into..I hope everyone has a nice night.

Lots O' Love -
08:46pm 07/10/2004
mood: contemplative
Sometimes I wish I could tell people exactly how I feel but then again I don't want them to know.

I wish I could tell Hillary that I really want to hang out with her without making her feel smothered. I thought things would be different when she moved here. But maybe I just got my hopes up. I feel as if she's slowly forgetting about me.

I wish I could tell "those people" where to shove it and not get fired (but we all know that could never happen)

I wish I didn't feel empty and confused sometimes....

This has been a long never ending day...

Have a nice night
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Some people get on my last nerve   
06:47pm 06/10/2004
mood: aggravated
Well I hate to say it but certain people just drive me insane...For example, last night at work I was accused of taking $150.00...What had happened was a customer sent in a deposit of $150.00 and a check well I put the money in my drawer and when I did the deposit on an accident I made the deposit for the amount of the check instead of both. And when I sent the deposit back out to the customer she beeped back in and said "DID YOU TAKE MY MONEY?!?!" and I said "Excuse me...No ma'am I didn't and she said "WELL I DON'T SEE IT IN THE DEPOSIT...YOU PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET DIDN'T YOU?!?!" and that just pushed me off the edge I backed up so she could see me and turned around slowly and said "Ma'am do you see any pockets on me? No you don't..So that obviously means that I didn't put your money in my pocket and I wouldn't take your measley $150...but if you send the deposit back up to me I'll fix it for you" and she sent it back up and I kept the speaker on so I could hear what she was saying and she was like "That's right that B**** got caught and she felt guilty for taking my money" and I sent her tube back out and I said "Ma'am I didn't take your money..I fixed your deposit...NOW GET OUT OF MY LINE!!" and she looked at me in disbelief and said "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!?" and I pointed to my nameplate on the window and said "IT'S ON THE WINDOW..CAN YOU READ IT?!?" and she drove off...

Then today this lady wanted to cash a check and then deposit the money in her account and when I was trying to cash it the account wasn't working so I went and looked up the number and it showed that it had been closed so I politely asked "Ma'am are you wanting the money to go into the account that's on the back of the check?" and she said "I WANT IT CASHED FIRST AND THEN DEPOSITED WHAT'S SO HARD ABOUT THAT?!" and I said "Ma'am that account that you gave me is closed" and she went off on me and stuff like that and I told her how long it had been closed and I asked her "Ma'am what would you like me to do with the check now?" and she looked at me and said "WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THE CHECK IF THE ACCOUNT IS CLOSED..HONESTLY THAT WAS THE DUMBEST QUESTION I'VE HEARD!!" and I looked at her and said "Ma'am there is no need for your attitude..I'm trying to help you and are being extremely rude" and she said "WELL WHAT THE HELL CAN YOU DO WITH THAT CHECK!!!!!" and I said "I can do this..." and I sent the check back out to her and walked away and she started banging on the window and my teller cordinator walked up to the window and was like "Ma'am she was trying to see if you had another account you wanted to put it in and you were being extremely rude" so the lady got all pissy and drove off..

THOSE PEOPLE...drive me insane..If you would be more polite and wouldn't get an attitude with me then I would be more willing to help you but if you are going to bitch at me and make me look like an ass then there is no way that I'm going to work with you..Just a word to the wise..haha..

Anyhew, America's Next Top Model is on so I am out...Night

Lots O' Love -
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Tired and Bored   
11:52pm 04/10/2004
mood: mellow
Today was a gloomy day...but all in all in was pretty good. :) Except for the part when I was walking into school and I stepped in a puddle and splashed water up the back of my pants and so my butt was soaking wett so it looked as if I had wet my pants...what I've always dreamed of...Today in Philosophy my professor was telling us "those of you who believe that there is a God then what proof do you have that He really exists?" "and for those of you who don't believe that there is a God what proof do you have that He doesn't exist?" He told us to think about that and Wednesday we are going to have a debate on it. I am like great..(sarcasm)..I HATE CONFRONTATIONS..But I'll have to get over it I suppose...Then after class I was walking to the bathroom and I was behind a blind lady and she had her walking cane out infront of her and I guess she could hear my flip-flops (flopping) and she said "I'm sorry if I'm in your way" and I told her that she was fine and I went around her and hit the button for the bathroom door to open and she said something that was really funny but cute at the same time.."Don't close the door because I'm right behind you" I wanted to giggle but instead I said "I'm not". hehe..it was cute...well I am off to sleep because I have to get up in 6 short hours for Biology Lab..oh joy..oh bliss...I hope everyone has a wonderful night and I'll update later..night.

Lots O' Love -
Home and Tired   
12:40am 02/10/2004
mood: exhausted
Well today was very eventful..hehe..Inbetween my break at school I drove to Cedar Hill (Barne's and Noble) and bought THE USED (THEY FREAKIN' ROCK!!!) Work was work...extremely long, boring, and busy..(I was in the back with the new people trying to train them and work on customers at the same time (the line in the drive thru was to the street the whole time...not good). After work I went to Jeff's to pick him up and then we drove (he drove..because I hate driving thru downtown) to Frisco and watched him play Hockey...He scored the first point AGAIN!!! hehe...so go him!! Then after that we went to the park and watched the lightening show (I was scared the whole time (afraid I was going to get struck) but I had to act brave)...haha...Well now I am home and I'm so exhausted and I have to get up early and head off to work (oh joy...oh bliss) I'm supposed to go to Judith's wedding tomorrow after work (I want to go except the whole thing is going to be in Spanish and I'm going to be like..huh...I'll know what happens when Judith and her new husband kiss)..haha...

OH before I forget..Today in Philosophy I had my test (I hope I did good..I didn't really study last night..:-/ )...Lets cross our fingers because I haven't gotten lower than a "B" on any of my tests!! SO YA!!

Lots O' Love -

11:14pm 30/09/2004
mood: bored
Well today was just one of those days..it was good but nothing spectacular happened..although I did get written up today at work ( :( ...one more write up and I'm fired )...But on a good note..today when I was in the library studying these two (fairly attractive) guys came up to me and said "You look pretty athletic would you like to go play volleyball with us?" and I said "I would but I have a class in 30 min...sorry." and they were like "You know you want to..It will be alot of fun." and I told them maybe next time. haha..So that was cool hehe..

I'm really liking what we are talking about in Biology right now..We are talking about chromosomes (mitosis, meiosis, DNA, genes and all that fun stuff) It's extremely interesting to me. :) Hopefully this time I'll get an "A" on my test instead of a "B"..hehe

Well I have a Philosophy test tomorrow that I should get to crackin' on so I think I'm going to close..hehe..Have a great night everyone and I'll update later.

Lots O' Love -
03:14pm 29/09/2004
mood: crazy
Last night I was on the internet and I got a text-message..When I went to check it my phone said that my service has been turned off!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! And I am going insane because I don't know who the message was from and I can't check it until I get my bill (which by the way is $142.18) I really need to stop text-messaging but I can't help it (I'm addicted..) I feel so cut off from the world. Today inbetween my Phil. and Reading class I went to the library and instead of me text-messaging everyone I tried to read a book (which I love doing..but I couldn't) my mind kept wandering off wanting to know if anyone is trying to get ahold of me. So instead I went to sleep..I curled my little body up on the chair and rested my head on my arm and fell asleep like a little baby. (woke up with my nose running like crazy and coughing..but I got to take a nap). :) So the point of this journal was to tell everyone that if you can't get a hold of me that's why (I'm addicted to the messages and I can't stop). I get paid tomorrow so hopefully I can call Sprint and tell them to hook me up because this girl wants her phone back..haha..Anyhew, that's all I'm going to try and find something to get myself into.